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Are you allowed to use spy equipment and devices?

There are legitimate uses, ultimately it is up to you to determine the laws that are applicable to your country or state. Buying spy devices are legal, but what you use them for might not be.

Spy equipment is an oddball collection of useful tools and bizarre oddities.

The most common pieces of spy equipment are surveillances devices such as hidden microphones and cameras. To defeat this surveillance equipment, these same vendors will then sell you counter-surveillance equipment such as tap detectors and bug sweeping equipment.

Also in this category are personal protection tools such as stun guns, mace, and pepper spray.

Some of this equipment may not be legal to purchase or own, depending upon where you live. Be careful when you mail-order spy equipment.

Pricing on spy equipment varies wildly between vendors. There is No Need to Shop around for the best price, because the Covert Spy Shop dot com Guarantees you the Best Price Anywhere!

Surveillance Equipment

Visit Security Las Vegas for the latest in Home Security Equipment in Las Vegas, NV.

Everybody has security challenges: Homeowners. Business-people, Educators, Governments and their officials. They all have something else in common, too: security solutions from the Covert Spy Shop.  When you are looking for real spy gear and equipment as used by the professionals then you need not look any further than the number one source online for authentic spy gear and equipment used by industry professionals.  Covert Spy shop also has a whole array of home automation equipment and even super secret spy cameras.   Whether it's protecting your home and family; preventing theft and looking out for your customers; providing a safe school for your kids; or keeping explosives off airliners; the online Covert Spy Shop meets these challenges with continuous innovation, authentic equipment, reliability and superior customer service and satisfaction.  What's more, the Covert Spy Shop can create solutions just for you.  By putting together the right combination of access control, fire and intrusion alarm, video and other systems.  And by integrating new security technologies with equipment and IT solutions and systems you already have in place. Choose the Covert Spy Shop only found online at: for security, and we'll deliver a solution where every piece falls into place.

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Many of our competitors on the web offer cheaper versions of the same equipment. Since, we offer complete tech support with all the equipment we sell, we can not afford to sell this cheap equipment that doesn't do the job right. A happy person tells a few people, a unhappy person tell everyone who will listen. Since, word of mouth has been our most successful customer, we can not afford any unhappy customers.

We can meet all your home and personal security needs. Whether it's a need to see how the baby sitter is caring for your children, or what the kids are doing around the house while you are gone. We have phone recording systems that allow you to record conversations, and devices to let you know if your phone line is being bugged. Anything you need to monitor the kids, baby sitter, or a spouse, we have.

We can meet all your loss prevention, surveillance, and security needs when it comes to your business or work place. When it comes to loss prevention, we have a complete line of products thats allows for video surveillance of you retail location. We can help you monitor your employees and their work habits. We have hidden cameras the can be concealed within almost anything. These system can be wireless, or directly wired to you security monitor system.

Wireless Spy Cameras

Wireless Spy Cameras


Voice Message Broadcasting - Bulk voice mail deliveries to answering machines and interactive voice response (ivr) to live answers, drive sales, branding, web site traffic via our automated voice broadcasting system or auto dialer.

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Covert Spy Shop the latest in wholesale, inexpensive surveillance spy cameras and equipment in Las Vegas & the world.

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