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XCam2 Wireles Camera with PC Monitoring and Home Automation Software

The best of both home surveillance and home automation! The XCam2 is a tiny, yet powerful wireless video camera that you can put anywhere and transmit live COLOR video to your TV and ActiveHome Pro with iWitness. Plus, you'll get a FREE Ninja Robotic camera mount, giving you the power of 4 cameras in one! Simply position the XCam2 with iWitness or by remote control and SEE EVERYTHING - 240º horizontally and 130º vertically.

Price Includes:
1 XCam2 Video Camera
1 Video Receiver
ActiveHome Pro Software
ActiveHome Pro Computer Interface, USB Cable
iWitness Camera Monitoring Software Module for ActiveHome Pro
1 PC Video/USB Adapter
1 Ninja Pan & Tilt Robotic Camera Mount
1 Ninja ScanPad Controller
1 ActiveEye Motion Sensor

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Product Uses

  • Watch your kids playing in the backyard from your PC
  • See who's ringing your doorbell
  • Brew a pot of coffee and turn off room lights that aren't being used!

Product Features

  • View live video from X10 cameras on your PC
  • Keep tabls on everything with the Multi-Cam View
  • Automatically record snapshots or video while away
  • Pan, Tilt and Zoom your cameras to see everything*
  • Use Motion Sensors to switch cameras, change views or start recording
  • See lights turn on as you control them from your PC
  • Easy to Set Up!
Save 72%! Order Today!
Free Shipping and 30 Day Money Back Guarantee What's This?

 Product Description

The combined power of ActiveHome Pro and iWitness is truly amazing. As someone approaches your home, a motion sensor signals your indoor chime alerting you of the visitor. Then, at the same time, your robotic camera moves to the front door view and live video appears on your computer screen. Before they even knock on the door, you know who it is!

Watch how a single camera mounted on a Ninja Pan & Tilt base can follow the action. When the first motion sensor detects movement, it starts iWitness' digital video recorder and tells the camera to move to a preset position. Then, the second motion sensor signals the camera to move again to follow the action.


But wait, it gets better! When you use the optional Smart Macros Software Module, if it's after dark, you can have ActiveHome Pro turn on your walkway and front porch lights, making it safer for your guests and providing light for your camera to see. When you're not home, you can have the video recorded to your hard drive and review it later. Rest assured, you won't miss a thing.

Now, with just a click of your mouse, you can have complete control of every X10 camera in your home surveillance network. Peek in on your napping child without making a sound. Then, swith to your backyard view and make sure the hired help doesn't mow down your frActiveHome Proeshly planted orses. With iWitness, you'll be able to switch camera views with ease or jump to autopilot and scan them all.

You'll be able to Pan and Tilt the cameras you have mounted on Ninja Robotic Bases or target them at one of your preset locations- all with just one click. If you're luck enough to own a Vanguard Camera, you'll be able to control the powerful 44x Zoom too! Multi-Camera viewing with Pan/Tilt/Zoom Control all on one screen - Wow!

As you would expect from ActiveHome Pro, setting up your surveillance camera network is simple with the drag-and-drop interface. Just select the cameras you have and drag them into the room of your choice. You can then give your camera a name just like any other module.

When you view your cameras in live video mode, you can switch cameras using the convenient camera tabs or see them all. You'll also find the buttons to control your robotic cameras, digital recording and camera scanning right at your fingertips.


iWitness includes:

  • Individual Camera Review
    Review camera snapshots, videos and stills individually. Simply click on a the camera name and iWitness autmoatically filters your media archive to reveal only that camera. You can also quickly filter by a single day with an easy to use drop-down history.
  • System Archiving
    Every snapshot, video and still sequence is saved in the archive for future reviewing. All snapshots and video stills are saved in standard JPEG fiel format, and video are saved in AVI format. Its easy to find and send an image via your email program.
  • Time Lapse Snapshot Stitching
    Powerful and fun. the Time Lapse technology built into iWitness may be the most useful and entertaining part of the iWitness Media Browser. After a camera (that has been set to capture a sequence of images at intervals you have selected) you can review these in the Media Browser. You have control of how long each image is displayed. Animate your sequence of pictures and review them time-compressed.
  • Watch 8-hours of video stills using time lapse playback in 8 minutes!


Wireless video just got a lot easier with the XCam2
, a video camera that can transmit LIVE COLOR video up to 100 feet. The XCam2 integrates a COLOR analog video camera and 2.4 GHz transmitter into a single device that can be installed and operated by anyone. You can even add multiple cameras and scan between them like changing channels on your TV! Add as many cameras as you up to 16!

Sets up in only 5 minutes! Easy to Use!
Because the camera is wireless, simply place a camera in any area you want to watch over and plug the Video Receiver into your TV! The signal is automatically sent to your TV (or VCR if you want to record the action).

Here's How the XCam2 Works!
The secret behind the amazing XCam2 is its highly integrated design. The tiny camera unit contains everything you need to produce a color video broadcast in one palm-sized package that easily installs anywhere you want!

Just plug the XCam2 in and it begins transmitting live video! No switches or confusing controls to worry about -- simply adjust the swivel-neck lens to the proper angle for your needs. We've even pre-focused the lens for you!

The Powerful 2.4GHz transmitter broadcasts a wireless video signal to the Video Receiver unit which easily attaches to any video device using the included RCA jacks. Enjoy crisp clear video -- up to 100 feet away, with the simple to use and easy to install XCam2!

Robotic Camera Mount - Buy Now!
About the Robotic Camera Mount
The robotic Ninja Pan & Tilt Camera Mount gives you the power of four cameras in one – making it the ultimate accessory for your XCam2 Video Camera! The Ninja Pan & Tilt allows you to sweep your XCam2 video camera left, right, up and down - featuring 240-degree views and up to four preset positions. You can even remotely position the camera to view whatever you want with the included ScanPad Remote.

System Requirements
ActiveHome Pro and iWitness are designed to work on Windows based personal computers with an available USB port, and Internet connection to download software and updates.

Save 72%! Order Today!
Free Shipping and 30 Day Money Back Guarantee What's This?

 Customer Reviews

"Fantastic! Marvelous! Spectacular!"

"It's a no-brainer! Watching and controller your home surveillance system from the same screen you control lights and appliances just makes sense!"

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