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Spy Equipment Business Opportunity - The Covert Spy Shop

Business Opportunity in Spy Equipment

Join the growing family of entrepreneurs and established business people who are capitalizing on the need for high tech security products. Since the war in the Middle East and the subsequent fall of the communist bloc, leaders throughout the world have awaken to the fact that technology can indeed fly missiles through windows, eavesdrop from hundreds of miles away and change the course of history. No power, regardless of size, is immune to technology's impact. These two events more than quadrupled demand for our line of products. Click here to contact the Covert Spy Shop

International Reseller Program

Become an Authorized Distributor for exclusive Covert Spy Shop Security and Surveillance equipment in your Country / Region. 

Receive competitive pricing along with elite technical training and marketing support.
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Market Research & Evaluation Project

This project is a beginner level business DEVELOPMENT SERVICE used to build up your Security Business in your area.  It is a project between the Covert Spy Shop and National Security Associates (NSA), www.securitylasvegas.com 

It works to evaluate the full scope of your market through research and sales support. It does this by focusing on and by clarifying the Security and Surveillance Markets, from personal, corporate, law enforcement, and government levels.
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Market Evaluation & Training Program

This is an intermediate business DEVELOPMENT SERVICE used to actively prepare you for your Security Business in your area. 

In addition to evaluating the full scope of your market through research and sales support, we use Informative Training as a platform to help you succeed in the Security and Surveillance industry. 


Spy equipment is an oddball collection of useful tools and bizarre oddities.

Pricing on spy equipment varies wildly between vendors. There is No Need to Shop around for the best price, because the Covert Spy Shop dot com Guarantees you the Best Price Anywhere!

Visit Security Las Vegas for the latest in Home Security Equipment in Las Vegas, NV.

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Wireless Spy Cameras

Wireless Spy Cameras


Voice Message Broadcasting - Bulk voice mail deliveries to answering machines and interactive voice response (ivr) to live answers, drive sales, branding, web site traffic via our automated voice broadcasting system or auto dialer.


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