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Lie Detector Service Provider from the Covert Spy Shop .com

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Lie Detection Service Provider

The Covert Spy Shop combines training and technology for you to manage your client's security needs with:

- minimal investment 
- low overhead 
- immediate money return 
- low maintenance 

You don't have to be an investigator or need to have years of experience as a Lie Detection Analyst to conduct VSA® investigation & interviews.

You will need: 
VSA® hardware & VSA® training

Electronic VSA® Hardware: 
The VSA® MARK-2000 portable Lie Detection Laboratory.

Easy To Operate 
The VSA® 2000 is the new Electronic Lie Detection Laboratory providing fast analysis, fast results and fast answers. It includes the Ghost (WMTTX 4400) wireless microphone, the RXU 600 Receiver and a “mini disc digital recorder. This system allows for remote wireless intelligence gathering and interviewing, allowing for the Voice Stress Analysis to be done at a later time. 

The VSA® Mark 2000 can be used as a covert system, which is a very effective way in obtaining relaxed interviews. Most functions are completely automatic, drastically reducing the number of hours spent on interrogations and interviews. 

With its digital recorder, the VSA® Mark 2000 allows you to conduct discreet, uninhibited interviews with suspects or clients. Through an exclusive The Covert Spy Shop .com process, the VSA® Mark 2000 detects voice characteristics that indicate stress and deception. A clear, precise digital readout is given in both LED and printed format. Results are instantaneous, accurate, and thoroughly reliable as an investigative tool. 

As with all The Covert Spy Shop .com voice stress analyzers, the use of imprecise interpretation is eliminated. Take it on covert operations or keep it for emergencies. Contained in a rugged, lightweight briefcase, the VSA® Mark 2000 is an ideal tool for field work. Its modular construction assures mobility and easy operation wherever and whenever accurate lie detection is necessary. 

Lie Detection Questions & Answers 
In trying to further comprehend the “Lie Detection Industry”, ask and recognize the following questions :

Q: How do people & businesses deal with LIES, THEFT, FRAUD?
A: They consult with a Lie Detection Service Provider.

Q: How do people & business investigate & learn what the TRUTH is?
A: They consult with a Lie Detection Service Provider.

Q: When is Lie Detection mostly used?
-corporate and industrial security 
-legal and insurance investigations 
-employment screening 
-suspected theft, fraud, or terrorism 
-matrimonial and delinquency cases 

Q: Is there really a need for Lie Detection Service Providers ?

A: Yes. People & Businesses would rather hire a consultant than make legal accusations, involve the authorities, or impulsively guess the truth. They would rather make decisions about suspects on evidence, on analysis, on measurement.

From these answers, it is clear that there is a need as well as an opportunity at hand to offer Lie Detection Services.

About The Covert Spy Shop .com
The Covert Spy Shop together with National Security Associates (NSA) has provided security consulting to NightClubs, home owners, businesses and others from coast to coast in the United States.

Our Leadership has been in the forefront of the Security Industry for decades. Many experts & former directors began their industry experience in the late fifties and early sixties with The Covert Spy Shop .com. Engineers & Technicians also spent numerous decades developing solutions, which have become the standards of the surveillance, counter-surveillance and personal protection industries. The growth of The Covert Spy Shop .com increases every year, as solutions & developments are constantly created and updated to growing diverse needs, both governmental and private.

The Covert Spy Shop .com International provides a wide range of solutions through a "closed network" of distributors. This company services the needs of large corporations and private security organizations, as well as government leaders of more than 150 countries.

Our extensive line of proprietary products are designed and manufactured in our factories here and abroad. Engineers provide custom solutions for the most demanding field operations.

The Covert Spy Shop .com is able to respond to diverse needs, both governmental and private groups.

Nearly half a century of experience has taught our professionals invaluable lessons that we share with clients at frequent seminars and workshops either in our offices or in the field. Governments seek the advice of The Covert Spy Shop .com consultation experts, and as participants in organized educational venues.

The Covert Spy Shop .com working with Nelson Publishing, Ltd.
Encyclopedias, white papers, research documents, interactive CD's and Internet Websites are published by this division, clearly establishing The Covert Spy Shop .com as the industry leader in providing up-to-date information.

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